Some people have noticed that my reflow oven has a temperature graph. I decided it would look cool to have a visual representation of the LCD display data.

It’s been implemented with an Arduino Uno connected to a TFT display. You can see the code below.

If anyone would like to do the same, you can consider a Nextion type HMI for this purpose. They are a good way to achieve the same affect with less low level graphics control, but I digress.

I’m using the UTFT library to draw X & Y axes and then wait for serial data. The reflow controller simply sends out temperatures as it’s running.

Code Snippet

You can click below to download my code. There are 2 Arduinos talking to each other over serial. There are only 2 commands, clear the screen and draw a dot.

if (currentState.IsActive) {
String out = “$”;
out.concat(String((millis() – currentState.ActiveSince) / 1000));

This is the oven outputting “$X,Y” over serial to the graph. If you send “$$” the screen is cleared.

That’s it. The implementation on the second Arduino is simply some basic drawLine() & drawPixel() commands.


You can find the files on my GitHub. Click Here