Daily Driver

This is my lovingly crafted extreme E-bike. It was based off a Qulbix style frame and heavily modified to both suit my needs and correct a few weak points.

I’ve been tweaking and revising this bike for over 2 years and ride it everyday as my main transportation.

The stats:

Motor: QS 3000W 205 50H V3 with 4T (950rpm @ 84V)

Controller: Custom Kelly Controls KLS8430S (Thanks Fany!)

Wheels: 19″ Aluminum with 12G front/10G rear stainless spokes

Battery: 24S14P pack made with LG HG2 18650 cells (3.7KWh total)

Frame: Modified Qulbix style, 140mm wide

Shocks: DNM USD 8 Fork and DNM Burner 2 rear shock

Accessories: Front/Rear 1080P Cameras, Custom pyEC bike computer w/TJC touch display

Top speed: 105km/h

Range: Depends entirely on speed, over 100km with reasonable speeds

I’ll post construction details in another post, it was getting much too long for a single post