Qulbix Inspired Extreme E-Bike

Daily Driver

This is my lovingly crafted extreme E-bike. It was based off a Qulbix style frame and heavily modified to both suit my needs and correct a few weak points.

I’ve been tweaking and revising this bike for over 2 years and ride it everyday as my main transportation.

The stats:

Motor: QS 3000W 205 50H V3 with 4T (950rpm @ 84V)

Controller: Custom Kelly Controls KLS8430S (Thanks Fany!)

Wheels: 19″ Aluminum with 12G front/10G rear stainless spokes

Battery: 24S14P pack made with LG HG2 18650 cells (3.7KWh total)

Frame: Modified Qulbix style, 140mm wide

Shocks: DNM USD 8 Fork and DNM Burner 2 rear shock

Accessories: Front/Rear 1080P Cameras, Custom pyEC bike computer w/TJC touch display

Top speed: 105km/h

Range: Depends entirely on speed, over 100km with reasonable speeds

I’ll post construction details in another post, it was getting much too long for a single post

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About the Author:

Brian is an intrepid maker living near Shenzhen China.


  1. BRIJRAJSINH JADEJA March 8, 2020 at 10:19 am

    Hi Brian,
    Hope you have a great day ahead. I am starting to build a Power efficient Bike with Graphene batteries but am stuck selecting right Motor. Can you please help me with the selection of Motor drive and Battery Capacity?? Also do let me know if you are interested for the same. Please do reply.

    • Brian March 8, 2020 at 11:08 pm

      I love the idea of Graphene batteries. Where are you getting them from? I really like QS Motors. I have been used them on several bikes and 2 other vehicles (one 4 wheel, one 3 wheel). They are good quality and sturdy. I regularly deal with Damon at QS. Let me know if you want his contact info. I use Kelly controllers and like them but there are many other good controllers too. Determining size of battery depends on size of motor, weight of vehicle and the range you’d like to have. Let me know a few more details and I can let you know what I would use.

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