One thing many fancy offices tend to have is free beverages for employees. At some companies this might just be coffee or a full spectrum of soft drinks, juices, teas and coffee. Since this is my workspace, I guess that makes it my job to provide them. I bought a glass door fridge and put in my favorite beverages. I tend to like drinking water, so that’s mostly what I keep.

I enjoy fresh juice and have pretty good access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect combination for having a juicer. I started juicing about a year ago and had a small home juicer. It was slow & noisy but it made decent juice. It was a screw type juicer. Unfortunately it died after just a few months of use. I had bought it 2 years before starting to use it so there wasn’t any warranty.

I searched on Taobao for a new juicer and came across the B2000. This juicer looked sturdy and was around $250. Not cheap by Chinese standards but I figured the quality should be good.

When it arrived I was a bit surprised. It was very large. It’s over 21″ tall (53.5cm). That’s too big for my counter at home. It physically doesn’t fit in my kitchen. Here you can see it next to my dog for reference.

It now lives in the electronics workspace and gets used daily.

I also have a small and medium espresso pot. I find the coffee they make delicious and it’s my preferred style of coffee pot. I have even been know to take them on vacation. I don’t do well without a good cup of morning coffee.