I have this great Neware battery tester. It can test up to 8 cells independently. It will do charge and discharge testing with full logging. It’s capable of charging or discharging upt 5V at 3A per channel.

I was visiting a friend in Indonesia and I saw this tester in his office. I complimented him on having such a professional battery tester. He confessed he bought it but never used it. He was kind enough to donate it to my cause. It was a bit of hassle to get it home.

I got to the airport and was stopped at the first X-Ray machine and asked what the machine was. I explained it was a battery tester. As soon as they heard the word battery they got worried. I explained it only tests batteries and does not contain any. That got me to the check-in counter for my flight. I was again asked what it was. They put it back through the X-Ray and eventually I was allowed to take it as my carry-on. I had to ask nicely as it’s a bit bigger than you should have for carry on. I explained it was sensitive equipment and they let me pass.

When it came time to head to the gate, there was another security check. This again involved an X-Ray but this time they wanted nothing to do with my lovely battery tester. I got pulled aside and asked to wait for an airline representative. Once they arrived, I again explained what it was. The kind official informed me it really didn’t break any rules but that it was up to the pilots discretion. They went and asked the pilot and he agreed I could bring it on the plane.

That’s the story of how I got this battery tester and got it home. Everyone at the airport was really great. Even the security that didn’t want me to pass was polite and the concern is understandable if you don’t know what the device is. Had it been packed properly, I could have checked it, but that wasn’t how it worked out. Live and learn!

This is another very useful battery tester. This tester can discharge a cell at up to 20A. This is great for testing 18650 at high current output, say for testing compatibility with your favorite vape mod.