Delta Electronics makes very good quality drivers. I think the DPR48/50 is mainly used for burn in testing of products. It’s designed for constant operation and is designed for rack mounting. This means it has pretty good heat management and is very reliable. The driver as sold is 57.6V 50A driver. Not ideal for charging batteries but it has very high power capabilities, almost 2900W.

Some very clever engineer figured out how to hack this driver to output any voltage up to 120V with current up to 25A. With this modification it will operate in CC mode until reaching target voltage and then in CV mode, exactly what you need to charge batteries. This is the most compact charger I own and it’s been very reliable.

I took one apart and looked at the driver construction and the mod. Everything in the driver seems doubled. Transformer, FETs etc. So it looks like it’s like 2 drivers parallel. The modificaiton involves cutting one wire from each transformer, removing some diodes, adding a few capacitors… It’s fairly involved. Here are some pics.

Here is a pic of a partially modified driver. My friend Eddy and I took a stab at copying a modified driver, but didn’t get all the way through it. We didn’t break anything, but we also don’t have it working yet.

Here is the original un-modified driver.

Finally here is the fully modified driver all closed up. I didn’t do this mod myself but purchased the driver already modified. I may pick this up again, send it away to get modified or simply call it a lesson learned.