4000W SMD Reflow Oven

Max PCB size: 620 x 450mm

Based on the popular Controleo2 controller (Arduino Compatible Firmware)


It’s been a couple of years since I made this reflow oven but it’s still going strong! The guys over at Whizoo make great oven controllers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain one in China so I made my own compatible board. There is a new version, Controleo3 available from Whizoo with a lot of improvements. If you want to build an oven with no fuss, I’d go check out one of their kits.

I’ve been extremely happy with my oven and still use it all the time. I have no plans to update it or change anything. Since I first put it together, I added a graph for the temperature curve as well a convection fan and cooling fan for the controller. The oven is very large and without the convection fan the temperature isn’t consistent throughout the oven. I have a large exhaust fan at the back of the oven which effectively cools the oven after reflow. I never found it necessary to add a servo to the door. I actually bought one but it wasn’t necessary. The exhaust fan is powerful enough to suck are in through the closed door. It would cool down slightly fast if I did add the servo, I have no plans to do so.

I started with a basic pizza oven and replaced all the heating elements with larger ones. I replaced the controller & thermocouple, added exhaust, convection and cooling fans and ended up with a really great oven. I can fit PCBs over 2 feet long and that’s usually good enough. I’ve put the project file links down below.

Finished Oven

Build Pics

Project Files